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Introduction to Guardian Accounts
Introduction to Guardian Accounts
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Guardians are introduced to the USSSA system through an email notification when listed as a player's guardian and they have been added to a roster. This feature allows guardians to oversee player profiles and manage their sports journey within USSSA.

Creating Guardian Accounts:

  1. Receive Notification Email:

    • The initial step involves receiving an email from USSSA, signifying your role as a guardian. This email contains essential information and a link to begin the account creation process and is sent when a player has been added to a roster.

  2. Account Creation Link:

    • By following the link in the email, guardians are directed to a sign-in page. Here, you can create a new Guardian account or merge existing ones, streamlining the management of multiple player profiles under one umbrella.

  3. Approve or Deny Roster Spots:

    • Within the Guardian account, you have the authority to approve or deny roster spots for associated players, granting control over team participation.

Support for Technical Issues:.

  • Manual Assistance:

    • The helpdesk also offers manual services, like adding players to guardian accounts, requiring additional verification to ensure security and accuracy. Please reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also reach out to us by using the messenger on the bottom right corner of this screen.

Guardian Account Specifications:

  • Unique Email Requirement:

    • Each guardian account must be associated with a unique email address. This specification requires careful coordination among guardians to designate the primary communication email.

  • Account Recovery:

    • For guardians unable to access their account or encountering creation issues, the USSSA helpdesk [email protected] provides manual intervention services, including account recovery and profile merging.

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