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How to Use the Bulk Add Players Feature
How to Use the Bulk Add Players Feature

This article provides a step-by-step guide for team managers on how to use the new "Bulk Add Players" feature.

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Streamline Roster Creation with Bulk Add Players

Our new Bulk Add Players feature simplifies team roster creation by allowing you to add multiple existing players to your roster at once. This article guides you through the steps of using this feature and finding the necessary Player IDs.

Before You Start: Gathering Player IDs

You'll need the USSSA Player IDs for each player you want to add. Here are two ways to find these IDs:

  1. Registration Output:

    • Access the registration output spreadsheet provided to Managers / Directors.

      • This spreadsheet contains the Player IDs of registered players.

  2. Player Search:

    • Go to the USSSA website's homepage.

    • Look for the "Player Search" option.

    • Enter the player's information:

      • First name (optional)

      • Last name

      • State (recommended to narrow down results)

      • Sport (e.g., baseball)

    • Click "Search"

    • In the search results, find the player and note their Player ID, usually displayed near their name.

Example: Searching for "John" in Florida might bring up "John Smith" with his Player ID clearly visible. In the pictures below we use the example of the name "Test".

Steps to Bulk Add Players:

  1. Log In: Log in to your USSSA account as a Team Manager or Guardian.

  2. Access Team Management: Navigate to the Team Management section.

  3. Select Team: Choose the specific team you want to add players to.

  4. Manage Players: Click on the "Manage My Players" button.

  5. Choose Search by PlayerID: Click on the "Search by PlayerID" tab (note: this may be updated to "Search by Player IDs" in the future).

  6. Enter Player IDs:

    • Paste the list of Player IDs into the designated field.

    • Ensure each ID is separated by a comma.

    • Example: 12345, 67890, 111213, 141516, 171819

  7. Search: Click the "Search" button to initiate the search.

  8. Review Eligibility:

    • The system will display a list of players found.

    • It will indicate their eligibility for your team based on age, grade, and other criteria.

  9. Add Players:

    • For each eligible player you wish to add, click the "Add Player" button next to their name.

  10. Refresh Eligible Players:

    • If you need to refresh the list of eligible players, click the "Refresh eligible players" button. This allows you to stay on the same page without navigating away, adding convenience to your workflow.

  11. Confirmation:

    • The system may take a moment to process the additions.

    • Once processed, the players will appear in your roster list with a "Pending Approval" status.

Additional Information:

  • Ineligible Players: The system will clearly identify ineligible players and provide the reason for their ineligibility.

  • Guardian Approval: Guardians will receive an email notification requesting their approval for the player to be added to the roster.

  • Editing Player Information: After adding players, you can edit their details including name, phone number, position, graduation year, bat/throw preferences, uniform number, hometown, and high school.

  • Removing Players: If needed, you can remove players from the roster using the remove option next to each player's name.


  • If players don't appear immediately after adding them, try refreshing the page or waiting a moment before checking again.

  • If you encounter any persistent issues or have questions, please contact our support team for assistance.

Remember, this tool is designed to make roster management easier and more efficient. We hope it simplifies your team management process!

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