Managing Your Roster
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Access the team you wish to manage from your dashboard.

Once you choose “Manage My Players” and agree to the terms, you will proceed to your roster screen.

For players that are new to your team or new to USSSA:

Add New Player

  • Fill out the initial data, First Name, Last Name, and Birthdate.

    • Please use the player’s Legal First and Last Name

After submitting the initial data, an additional form will appear to complete the player data.

Complete the remaining data on the player, fulfilling all of the required fields with as much and as accurate of data as possible.

Once you hit SAVE, the player will be added to the roster and an email will be sent to the parent/player to create a guardian/player account.

Add Former Player

Choose Add Former Player tab and navigate to the player that you want to add.

Complete the additional information.

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