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Handling Duplicate Accounts
Handling Duplicate Accounts
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  1. Identify Duplicate Accounts:

    • If you or someone you manage (e.g., a player) has duplicate accounts on USSSA, the first step is to identify all associated account details that might be causing issues, such as multiple player profiles or manager accounts.

  2. Contact USSSA Helpdesk:

    • Reach out to the USSSA helpdesk via email at [email protected]. Provide a clear explanation of the situation, including all relevant details about the duplicate accounts. It's helpful to include names, dates of birth, team names, and any ID numbers if available.

  3. Request Account Merge or Deletion:

    • In your communication, specify whether you're looking to merge the accounts into one or if you wish to remove an unused account. Provide clear instructions on which account(s) should remain active if merging is the option.

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