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Requesting a Background Check
Requesting a Background Check

Guidance on Requesting a Background Check as Part of the Team Registration Process

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  1. Log In as a Team Manager:

    • To start the background check process, log in to your USSSA account with your team manager credentials.

  2. Navigate to Team Management:

    • Once logged in, access the team management section of the website by clicking on the left menu option to "Create A New Team."

  3. Select the Sport:

    • After clicking to create a new team, select the sport for which you are creating the team or managing. This action triggers the system to present the option for conducting a background check​​.

  4. Initiate the Background Check Process:

    • Upon selecting the sport, the option for the background check will appear. This is the point where coaches can request to undergo the background check. It's important to note that the registration process can be paused after initiating the background check​​.

  5. Wait for Clearance:

    • After requesting the background check, wait for it to be processed and cleared. The clearance of the background check is a prerequisite for the team to appear on your USSSA account​​​​.

  6. Confirmation and Follow-Up:

    • Once cleared, you should receive a notification or see the status update in your USSSA account. If there are any issues or delays, it may be helpful to contact USSSA support for assistance.

Additional Tips:

  • Preparation: Ensure you have all necessary personal information and documents ready before starting the background check process to avoid delays.

  • Check Status: If your team does not appear after completing the background check, log back into your account to check the status or contact USSSA support for more information.

  • Support: For any questions or issues related to the background check or team registration process, reaching out to the USSSA helpdesk or using the provided contact information (e.g., [email protected]) can provide further guidance and assistance​​​​.

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