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Gathering Player IDs

This article provides a guide on how to gather Player IDs on the USSSA website

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Gathering Player IDs is an essential step for managing your team on the USSSA website. Whether you are adding players to your roster or conducting a search, having the correct Player IDs will make the process smoother and more efficient. This guide will help you gather Player IDs from different sources.

Benefits of Having Accurate Player IDs:

  • Quick and Efficient Searches: Find players quickly and accurately.

  • Streamlined Roster Management: Easily add players to your team without errors.

  • Reliable Data: Ensure the information is correct and up-to-date.

How to Gather Player IDs (2 methods):

Method #1

  1. Registration Output:

    • Access the registration output spreadsheet provided to you.

    • This spreadsheet contains the Player IDs of registered players.

    • Example: Locate the Player ID column in the spreadsheet to find the IDs.

Method #2

  1. Player Search:

    • Go to the USSSA website's homepage.

    • Look for the "Player Search" option.

    • Enter the player's information:

      • First name (optional)

      • Last name

      • State (recommended to narrow down results)

      • Sport (e.g., baseball)

    • Click "Search"

    • In the search results, find the player and note their Player ID, usually displayed near their name.

    • Example: Searching for "John" in Florida might bring up "John Smith" with his Player ID clearly visible. In the pictures below we use the example of the name "Test".

Using Player IDs:

Once you have gathered the Player IDs, you can use them to:

  • Search for Players:

    • Navigate to the "Search by PlayerID" section on the USSSA website.

    • Enter the Player ID and initiate the search to find specific player information.

  • Bulk Add Players:

    • Paste the list of Player IDs into the designated field in the "Search by PlayerID" section.

    • Ensure each ID is separated by a comma.

    • Example: 12345, 67890, 111213, 141516, 171819


  • If you encounter any issues finding Player IDs, try refining your search criteria or checking the registration spreadsheet again.

  • If you encounter any persistent issues or have questions, please contact our support team for assistance at [email protected]

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