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How to Adjust the Roles of Your Coaching Staff
How to Adjust the Roles of Your Coaching Staff
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Introduction: This guide will help team managers understand how to adjust the roles of their coaching staff on the USSSA team dashboard. Follow these steps to add, delete, or change the role of a coach.

Steps to Adjust Coaching Staff Roles:

  1. Login to Your Team Dashboard:

    • Visit the USSSA website and log in with your team manager credentials.

  2. Navigate to "Manage My Coaches/Admins":

    • On your team dashboard, select the "Manage My Coaches/Admins" option. This will take you to the section where you can manage your coaching staff.

  3. Adding a Coach:

    • Click on the "Add Coach" button.

    • Enter the required details for the new coach.

    • Assign the appropriate role and permissions.

  4. Deleting a Coach:

    • Find the coach you want to remove in the list of current coaches.

    • If the coach has the owner's box checked, you must first uncheck the owner's box.

    • After unchecking the owner's box, click on the "Remove" or "Delete" option next to the coach's name.

  5. Changing a Coach's Role:

    • Locate the coach whose role you want to change.

    • Adjust the role and permissions as needed.

    • Ensure any necessary boxes, such as the owner's box, are correctly checked or unchecked.

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