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Background Check Process for Managers
Background Check Process for Managers

Explanation of the Background Check Process for Managers

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  1. Log into Your Manager Account:

  2. Initiate the Team Creation Process:

    • Even if you're not creating a new team, navigate to the "Create A New Team" option on the left menu after logging in. This step is crucial for accessing the background check section​​.

  3. Select Your Sport:

    • After clicking on "Create A New Team," you'll be prompted to select the sport for your team. This selection is necessary to proceed to the background check part of the process​​.

  4. Request the Background Check:

    • Once you select the sport, the option to request a background check will appear. This is the point where you, as a manager or coach, can initiate the background check process. It's important to note that the registration process can be paused at this point; the primary goal here is to get to the background check request​​.

  5. Complete and Submit the Background Check Form:

    • Follow the instructions to fill out and submit the background check form. This will likely involve providing personal information and consenting to the background check.

  6. Wait for Background Check Clearance:

    • After submitting the request for a background check, there will be a waiting period for the background check to be processed and cleared. The duration of this waiting period can vary​​.

  7. Confirmation of Clearance:

    • Once your background check is cleared, you will receive a notification, and full administrative access will be granted or restored, allowing you to create and manage your team, access team creation for the approved season, manage your roster, enter tournaments, and perform other management functions​​.

  8. Requirement for Additional Coaches and Admins:

    • It's also required that any additional coaches or admins associated with the team undergo the background check process through the same procedure​​.

This process is designed to ensure the safety and integrity of USSSA sports by verifying the backgrounds of those in leadership and coaching positions. It's a crucial step in the team registration process and helps maintain a safe environment for all participants.

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