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Importance of SafeSport in USSSA

USSSA is committed to creating a safe and positive sports environment for all participants, emphasizing the importance of protecting athletes from abuse within the sport. As part of this commitment, USSSA has integrated SafeSport training and resources to educate and empower officials, managers, and coaches on recognizing, reducing, and responding to misconduct in sports.

Accessing SafeSport Resources

  • SafeSport Resources Available: USSSA invites all officials, managers, and coaches to review the SafeSport resources made available to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge to create a safe sporting environment. These resources include training modules, guidelines for recognizing and reporting abuse, and best practices for creating a positive and inclusive environment for all athletes.

  • How to Access: The SafeSport resources can be accessed through the USSSA website. USSSA has dedicated a section for SafeSport information which can be found at USSSA - United States Specialty Sports Association . This page provides direct access to SafeSport training, policies, and additional resources aimed at preventing abuse in sports​​.

Encouraging Participation in SafeSport Training

It is highly encouraged for all individuals in positions of authority within USSSA sports, including officials, managers, and coaches, to complete SafeSport training. This training is designed to help these individuals understand their responsibilities in maintaining a safe environment, recognizing signs of abuse, and taking appropriate actions when necessary.


USSSA's integration of SafeSport principles and resources underscores the organization's commitment to the safety and well-being of its athletes. By accessing and utilizing these resources, USSSA officials, managers, and coaches can contribute to a sports environment that prioritizes the health, safety, and positive development of all participants

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