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Where to get the claim form, what to submit, etc
Where to get the claim form, what to submit, etc
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  1. Access the USSSA Dashboard: After purchasing insurance, the certificate of insurance and possibly claim forms or instructions on how to proceed with a claim might be available in the manager's USSSA dashboard.

  2. Review Insurance Policy: It's important to review the terms of the insurance policy available in the USSSA dashboard or provided documents to understand what is covered, the claim submission process, and any deadlines or requirements for filing a claim.

  3. Gather Required Information: Generally, claim forms require detailed information about the claimant, the insured player or team, details of the incident, and any supporting documentation (e.g., medical reports, incident reports).

  4. Submit the Claim: Follow the instructions provided by USSSA or the insurance provider to submit the claim form and any required documentation.

  5. Follow Up: After submitting a claim, keep track of any claim reference numbers and follow up with the insurance provider or USSSA for updates on the claim status.

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