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Purchasing USSSA Insurance
Purchasing USSSA Insurance

Instructions on How to Purchase USSSA Insurance

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  1. Login or Create a Manager's Account:

  2. Create New Team:

    • Once logged in, select the 'Create New Team' option from the menu on the left side of your dashboard​​.

  3. Select the Registration Season:

    • Choose the current Registration season year.

  4. Request a Background Check:

    • Select “Request Background Check” to begin the process. You will receive an email from JDP to get started​​.

  5. Clear the Background Check:

    • Wait for the background check to clear, which could take between 3-7 business days. You must clear this check before proceeding with completing your team's registration​​.

  6. Register Your Team with Insurance:

    • Once the background check is cleared, you can proceed to register your team and select the option to purchase insurance during this process​​.

  7. Complete the Purchase:

    • Finalize the registration and insurance purchase. Ensure that all information is accurate and complete the payment process​​.

  8. Access Your Certificate of Insurance:

    • After completing the purchase, your certificate of insurance will be immediately available in your Dashboard under your team​​.

Additional Information:

  • Ensure that all information entered during the registration process is accurate to prevent any delays or issues with your team's registration and insurance coverage.

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