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USSSA Baseball Ranking Points Guide
USSSA Baseball Ranking Points Guide

Understanding USSSA Baseball Ranking Points and Power Rating System

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USSSA Baseball teams accumulate ranking points through performance in events. Points are awarded in both pool play and bracket play, with specific structures for different bracket types (Gold, Silver, Bronze).

Pool Play Points

  • 10 Points per Pool Flight Game Win

  • 10 Points as the Pool Winner

Bracket Play Points

  • Points vary by bracket designation (Gold, Silver, Bronze).

  • Championship and Consolation Brackets have different point allocations.

Points Breakdown

  • Gold Bracket:

    • Championship Game Win: 15 Points

    • Consolation Game Win: 7 Points

  • Silver Bracket:

    • Championship Game Win: 7 Points

    • Consolation Game Win: 3 Points

  • Bronze Bracket:

    • Championship Game Win: 3 Points

    • Consolation Game Win: 1 Point

Power Rating System

The Power Rating system evaluates team performance based on several factors:

  • Winning Percentage: Measures the ratio of wins to total games played.

  • Opponents' Winning Percentage: Considers the strength of the teams you've played against.

  • Number of Games Played: Ensures that teams with more game experience are appropriately ranked.

  • Wins and Losses: Directly affect the rating, with wins contributing positively and losses negatively.


  • Different Classes: Games played between different competitive classes are not factored into the rating.

  • Game Scores: The actual scores of the games are not considered.

  • Head-to-Head Results: Direct matchups between teams are excluded.

  • Forfeits: Games won or lost by forfeit do not impact the Power Rating.


  • Power Rating Changes: Your team's rating can change based on results from teams you have faced.

Is This Standard?

The ranking points system and Power Rating are specific to USSSA and may differ from other organizations' methods of ranking and evaluating team performance.

For more details, visit the USSSA Baseball Ranking Points Page.

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